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Written by Ambo100   
Saturday, 28 February 2009 21:35
Welcome back to the third issue of the Newspaper. This months newspaper is a largey Lego based theme, including reviews, world records and previews. There is a also a brand new redesigned competition to try out!?
  • The Union Leaders / Union Mod group has been added.
  • Quoctopus Backs up guide copies
  • Ambo100 starts work on a brand spanking new range of adverts for the forum to use.

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Back again to the easy to do Jigsaw Puzzle! It couldn't get any easier. Or could it? Besides that i have also updated the competition design and you will see it change within the next few issues aswel as more types of competitions to take part in.
{jumi [*4]}


1. How do I do the competition? 2. What should the Competition look like done? 3. Begin the Competition
Competition Guide: How to do a Puzzle

Start the Puzzle!


Last Months Competition


1st Twigster29 (3rd March)
2nd collisions (9th March)
3rd Evil Chicken (11th March)

Runners Up: None

Word Search Solution



Lego World Records (Part 2/3), Written by Ambo100

Part 2/3 of the Lego World Records is dedicated to the great achievements of Lego Mindstorms.
Speedy Cleaner
The purpose of the Speedy Cleaner robot is to clean the floor as fast as possible.
The World record is a total of 7:08 minutes for removing all 10 LEGO bricks from the three different arenas.

200cm Legged Runner
The Lego robot runs on 2 or more legs and attempts to run 200cm as fast its Lego legs can run.
The fastest legged robot ran the 200cm in 1:30 minutes.


Robin Hood
The robots compete to hit a target as precise as possible. Some shoot arrows and others shoot balls. The most precise robot scored 30 points in total in five trials.

Video 1


Cross-Country Skiing
The robots ski over 1.2 meter of snow (although in this case they use expanded polystyrene). The fastest robot managed to do this in 3:08 minutes. I wouldn't think that is fast at all but you had have to check the video for that.

Video 1, Video 2


Shot Put
Just like in real life, the robots goal is to throw a ball as faw as possible from behind a line. The longest throw so far is 21cm.


Rope Climbing
The robots climb up a 1.5 meter long hanging rope.
The fastest robot managed to climb the 1.5 meter in 5:05 minutes.
Video 1, Video 2


Legoland Windsor 2009, Written by Ambo100

Note: All the content here HAS been confirmed by www.legoand.com.


"Tens of millions of pounds are being invested in one of Britain?s top theme
parks, with a number of new attractions and a major hotel development
planned, at LEGOLAND Windsor.
"LEGOLAND Windsor, which opens its doors on Saturday 21 March with five
new rides and attractions and a new land, Kingdom of the Pharaohs
, had a
record year in 2008."
"Over the next five to ten years ?30 million will be spent on at least 11 new
for the site to ensure its continued future success. These will
include interactive rides for young children, as well as an exciting new SEA
LIFE aquarium
, and a new family roller coaster scheduled to open in 2011."



2009 is going to be an exciting year for Legoland Windsor. There are many changes planned such as a new range of collectable badges and Lego Photo Walls. My personal favourite is making the park Non-Smoking, although a section of the park will be kept for them.

Many models and animatronics will be cleaned up and animated improved.

Three new rides have been announced, Laser Raiders, Scarab-Bouncers and Rocket Racers.


Monthly Lego Reviews, Written by Whiskas88

Hello there, this month I am bringing a special theme to the newspaper for this months Lego union article. What might that be then? Lego mail! We will start of with 3 reviews and getting up to an article on the possibility's of future Lego mail sets.

So.. let's start off then!

Here we see the post office with the postman loading some letters into a box onto his pick-up truck while he has a drink of coffee.


Then here we see the accessories of the set, 5 letters, 3 parcels (the 2x2 bricks) a coffee mug, and the postbox.

Then here we see the postman showing us the shelves and postbox, one of those parcels looks like it could get wet if it rained!.


Look, post office opening times!

Now, as we go inside we see 2 desks, a seat and a little area which I have no idea what it's for!
Note: I am missing one of the gates.

And then we have the postman sorting out some letters on his desk with his coffee.

And now we say goodbye to him as he gets in his pick-up truck to deliver mail.


Play value
It's a small building, with a small vehicle, but it's got lot's of good things in it and it's the only Lego post office.
BuildIt's a very good, fun build that is fairly quick but the roof is annoying to put together.
DetailIt's a old Lego set so it lacks as much detail, however the grey bricks on the desks push the mark up, and then the opening times sticker on the door pushes it up to a 6.
Mini-figuresYou get a nice postman figure with some detail on his torso, however, it'd be nice if there was a customer.
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