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Written by Ambo100   
Sunday, 01 March 2009 00:00
The second Newspaper is packed with content as promised from the last issue. Despite being delayed its still just as good as it should be.
  • First of all, The newspaper was accidentally deleted on the 12th February. You would have got to seen the article made by Ambo100, Titled 10 ways to improve Animal Crossing Wii. I hope to rewrite this article, as i still have the images, for a later newspaper.
  • The Forum Shop has been updated and moved to a new server.
  • And one of our articles has been delayed Frown

Top Of The Forum

Topic of the month: Rate the lego set above (Lego Union)
In just under a week this topic had well over 30 posts, It has proven to be the most popular topic of this month for most of the month.

Post of the month: None
No post in particular has made the spotlight.

Member of the month: None
Nobody in particular has made the spotlight.

Topics: 135
Posts: 849
Members: 44
This months competition is harder than last time and will test your Word Search skills.

Last Months Competition


1st Whiskas (7-2-2009)
2nd collisions (11-2-2009)
3rd Nobody

Runners Up: None

Puzzle Solution

Puzzle Solution



Monthly Lego Reviews (Delayed)

Unfortunately the Lego review written by Whiskas had to be delayed until the next month. However we will be planning to bring out 3 reviews, one each per month for the next 3 months. Sorry for the inconvenience

~ Ambo100

Lego World Records (Part 1/3), Written by Ambo100

Have you ever wondered what the Lego Records may be? From the tallest tower to the fastest build, Its all in here with more coming out on the following issues of the paper. This issue of the newspaper contains records of some of the largest achievements aswell as the fastest building times.


Largest Display of Minifigs

LEGO employees at LEGO UK head office in Slough had created 35,310 Clone Trooper Minifigures in just 6 and a half hours. [Source]

Collection of Star Wars Minifigures


Largest Set

The largest ever Lego set is the Taj Mahal (Set: 10189). It contains an amazing 5922 pieces. The previous record holder was the Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon (Set: 10179) containing 5195 pieces.?

Taj Mahal



Largest Legoland Park

The largest Legoland Park is Legoland Windsor. It has a surface area of 60.7 hectares (150 acres, 0.61?km2).

Legoland windsor logo


Largest Underwater Lego Construction

It took 11 divers to built a castle made from Lego using 36,000 pieces in Aufkirchen (Germany)

Speed Building

There are set rules, the team is limited to 5-7 builders and no presorting of pieces is allowed.

54:21 Minutes
Imperial Star Destroyer
30 October 2004
1:10:46 Hours
Mobile Crane7 January 2006
1:15:09 Hours
Tow Truck21 October 2006
1:14:49 HoursEiffel TowerUnknown
2:53:27 HoursUltimate Collector's Millennium Falcon25 August 2007
1:47:09 HoursTaj Mahal 27 September 2008
1:03:05 HoursVolkswagen Beetle9 November 2008
2:34:26 Hours Death Star Oct 2008


Visit next time for part 2/3 of Lego World Records where i will be looking at the World Records of Mindstorms.

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